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We create web projects.
We make websites, web banners flash / html5 / GIF, animations for websites, spots and advertising presentations.
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Designs of internet advertising banners must comply with the technical specifications of the website issuing the banner. The technical specifications differ from each other and there is no universal banner that will meet the requirements of the requirements

Banners are an inseparable element of effective marketing activities. Their goal is the same as any other form of advertising, although they give much more opportunities than the simplest ones. An interesting form, which is a large field for the whole team responsible for effective marketing, are flash banners. Great for advertising products, services and websites. Using flash technologies, they allow you to apply advanced and effective animations that definitely attract more attention of potentially interested people than the traditional form of advertising. Each advertisement of this type, adjusted individually to the client's needs, guarantees that it becomes unique and unique. It is able to encourage you to read the content or use the services offered in a much more creative way. It reaches and satisfies more people. It meets the tastes of even the most demanding recipients. Limitations on its final shape are only those that set the human mind.