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We create web projects.
We make websites, web banners flash / html5 / GIF, animations for websites, spots and advertising presentations.
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"AdWords banners" Modern advertising can not ignore new communication channels with clients. It's even the Internet. There are many ways to promote yourself online and they are very diverse. One of the most popular are the AdWords banners. This is contextual advertising placed through Google only in certain pages or pages of our choice. These AdWords banners have many advantages. First of all, if you buy such a campaign, we will not pay in advance. We will only pay the costs of advertising if there is an interested customer who will be redirected to our site using a banner. This type of advertising is popular, because by matching the wide context of the websites we advertise on, we will be dealing with perfectly targeted advertising only to those people who are certainly interested in our products or services. It should be remembered, however, that this type of AdWords banners should be made by a professional advertising agency or graphic designer who knows the marketing principles of preparing such advertising graphics. Thanks to this, we will increase the chance of customer interest in our services.