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Zajmujemy się tworzeniem projektów internetowych.
Wykonujemy flashbanery internetowe HTML5 / gif, animacje na strony www, spoty i prezentacje reklamowe.
Kontakt: tel.: 00 48 58 765 00 00, mail: poczta@oversize.pl We deal with internet advertising designs. We make internet banners, adwords ads, advertising animations. Nowadays, online advertising plays an important role. Banner advertising on the internet reaches a large number of customers for a small price.

Google advertising.
If you want to promote your own activity, you need to invest in a proper advertising that will be effective and bring us some benefits. The most popular form of advertising is placing it on the Internet. Advertising on google will make you acquire more and more new customers. html5 banners will allow you to design your own ad. This is a very good option, because we can decide what should be on it and how it should look. On the Internet, we can buy not only ads with subtitles, but also those in the form of video and graphics. Of course, the price is not excessive, however, it can cost even several hundred zlotych. However, it is the most effective and usually it brings a lot of interest. Designing your own advertising can be very pleasant, because we can fine-tune ourselves for even the smallest detail, to make everything perfect. Html5 banners are really very good and they do their job well.